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Laser Dentistry

Dental laserLaser dentistry is an inventive way to treat certain issues with your teeth and gums using the power of a laser. By using a laser focused at close range, the dentist can perform a whole host of different procedures that in many cases will hurt and bleed less. Make an appointment with Singing River Dentistry today to see if you would be a good candidate for any of the laser dentistry procedures we perform.

A Laser Sharp Focus

Laser dentistry is a less invasive, and therefore less painful, way to treat several different dental issues. Its uses range from common issues like cavity detection, cold sores, tooth decay, and gum inflammation to more complex ones like gum disease, removing oral tumors, and exposing wisdom teeth. Laser dentistry is also even used in teeth whitening procedures.

Regardless of what you are getting done, the benefits of laser dentistry can make a major difference. Our patients frequently report feeling less pain and needing less anesthetic when getting a procedure performed with a laser.

Using a laser also means less damage to your gums. That results in the reduced need for stitches, less bleeding, less damage to your mouth and a shorter healing time. Dental lasers have even been found to do a better job at sterilizing the treatment area and promoting tissue regrowth after the procedure. We find that another common benefit our patients report after having a procedure performed with a laser is the lack of that dreaded drill sound and feel in their mouth.

Two Types of Laser

If you are a good candidate for a laser dentistry procedure, the dentist will discuss with you what type of laser he will use during your visit. Depending on what type of procedure you are getting, the dentist will choose from one of two types of dental lasers. They are commonly referred to as the hard tissue and soft tissue lasers.

The hard tissue laser is designed to work on hard surfaces like your teeth. This type of laser can remove parts of your tooth or reshape it, detect cavities and repair fillings or help prepare your tooth for other dental procedures like getting a crown.

The soft tissue laser is designed to work on the softer surfaces inside your mouth like your gums. This type of laser can help treat gum disease like periodontitis, reshape your gums, or fixing lesions. Some procedures will require the use of both laser types and other dental tools as well. Regardless of what type of laser is used, our patients agree that they create a more comfortable and less anxious experience in the dental chair.

Even those laser dentistry is the wave of the future, at Singing River Dentistry we have a lot of experience using it to benefit the care of our patients. If you are someone who has avoided going to the dentist because you do not like the feel of a dental drill, call us at 256-712-3186 today to see if you would be a good candidate for a laser procedure.
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