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Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Muscle Shoals, AL

Illustration of an impacted wisdom tooth.Our wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to erupt, often coming in during our late teenage years or early twenties. They are meant to complete our set of adult teeth, but because of their timing, they may cause some dental health problems. One of such problems is the impacted wisdom tooth. Our professionals at Singing River Dentistry often treat patients with impacted wisdom teeth.

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

A wisdom tooth is said to be impacted when it cannot find enough room to break out of the gums from the jawline. Since wisdom teeth come in at early adulthood, the jawbones of most people may have already set to the number of teeth already there. Hence, newer teeth may not have space on the gums, and are caught under the gum line. Sometimes, impacted teeth may break through the gums partially, but this is also as bad as being stuck under it.

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Normally, impacted wisdom teeth may not show any symptoms. But since they are hidden, they are highly susceptible to infections. At this point, you may begin to see symptoms such as swollen gums, bleeding or tender gums that may appear red, a foul breath or taste in the mouth, pain, and swelling in and around the jaw. You may also find it difficult to open your mouth or move your jaw. These symptoms may show up and disappear after some time, but they eventually come back and show that there might be a problem.

How Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth Treated?

While impacted wisdom teeth cannot be prevented, you can always prevent its symptoms and serious effects. Our experts will use an x-ray to examine your mouth. This helps to see the growth and position of such impacted wisdom teeth. If there are impacted teeth, you will be required to undergo an extraction.

During this extraction, our professionals will place you under local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. You will also be put under sedation so that you do not feel any pain. Then we will make a small cut through the gums to access and remove the impacted tooth. Sometimes, we may need to cut the tooth into small pieces to ease the removal. After the tooth has been removed, we will close the wound and place gauze on it to stop possible bleeding. A blood clot should form, as this will promote the healing process.

Why Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Leaving impacted wisdom teeth may raise serious complications. They may cause serious damage to other teeth, as they push against them with their growth. Overcrowding the jaw is inevitable and this may cause infections, as bacteria will hide within the corners of the teeth.

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When wisdom teeth are partially impacted, they harbor bacteria faster and cause tooth decay and serious infections. Because these teeth are also hidden, cleaning them becomes an issue. This may lead to disease to the teeth and gums. If you are concerned about a possible impacted wisdom tooth you may have, do not hesitate to speak to us at Singing River Dentistry. Our professionals are always on hand to answer your questions. Call 256-712-3186 to schedule a consultation today.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth - Muscle Shoals, AL • Singing River
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