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I Need a Sinus Lift, Why?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by SRD Muscle Shoals
I Need a Sinus Lift, Why?An operation called a sinus lift makes it simpler to insert dental implants. Some people require dental implants but lack the bone density needed for implants due to loss of bone. The sinus lift is useful because it adds bone to the area between your molars and premolars, which raises the bone amount in the upper jaw. The operation gets its name from the need to raise the sinus membrane to create a way for the bone. Sinus lifts are often performed by our dental experts. Above the top row of teeth and behind the cheeks is where the sinus cavity is located. The natural tooth roots extend into the sinus cavity in patients with healthy teeth.

What is Next After a Sinus Lift?

The majority of people only feel a little discomfort following their sinus lift. There could be some edema. In the days following surgery, you can also have some minor bleeding from your lips or nose. Try not to regularly sneeze or blow your nose after your operation. Be cautious when sneezing and blowing your nose since it may cause the bone-graft material to shift and the stitches to come undone.

Why are Sinus Lifts Done?

In order to make sure that there is enough healthy bone available for the insertion of a dental implant, sinus lifts are performed. Sometimes the patient's sinuses are too close to the jaw, which might make it difficult to insert implants correctly. Sinus lifts are additionally performed to restore bone that has been gradually lost over time as a result of periodontal disease. Sinus lifts are often carried out to replace bone that has been lost as a result of tooth loss. A sinus lift that is successfully completed guarantees that the mouth has a suitable amount of bone. For more information call us today.
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