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Covid 19 Mental Health Effects And Connection To Dental Health.

Posted on 6/20/2022 by SRD Muscle Shoals
Covid 19 Mental Health Effects And Connection To Dental Health.With mental health becoming an increasingly prominent topic, it's not hard to see why the connection between mental health and dental health should be examined. With many people on medication, or stressed out at work, in school, and even at home in accordance to covid-19, this can affect how well they take care of their teeth, as well as their overall oral health. While there are many factors that can contribute to poor dental hygiene such as poverty or cultural beliefs, sometimes dental health is affected by mental health issues. How does this happen? And how can you manage your dental and mental health together?

Connection between dental health and mood.

The mind-body connection. The link between dental health and mental well-being is strong, but it's far from simple. First, we'll explain how a seemingly unrelated part of your body like your teeth can affect you emotionally (yes, it may be more than just your breath). Then we'll touch on some of dental care's contributions to mental health—what dentists can do for mental wellness when they meet with patients.

Connection between dental health and anxiety.

You've heard of a bad tooth making you grumpy, but did you know it can make you anxious too? Many people don't realize that anxiety is one of many mental health conditions that can affect your oral health. When we're stressed, our body releases a hormone called cortisol.

Oral hygiene products for people with disabilities.

Many of us brush our teeth on a daily basis. But what about those who suffer from disabilities that limit their ability to handle oral hygiene? Luckily, there are dozens of oral hygiene products specifically designed for those with special needs. These dental aids can help improve oral health. Here's a quick look at some available options.
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