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Cavities In Children's Teeth Fill Or Pull It Out

Posted on 2/7/2022 by SRD Muscle Shoals
Cavities In Children's Teeth Fill Or Pull It OutIt is common for children to have dental cavities at a young age because of the amount of sugar they consume. The good news is that dental procedures like tooth filling and extraction can minimize the spread of bacteria that cause tooth cavities. The cavity-filling treatment, which is the most common, involves drilling a small hole in the tooth and filling it with a clear material. This material protects the tooth from further decay and bacteria. On the other hand, tooth extraction involves the removal of the entire tooth to eliminate pain and inflammation.

When is A Dental Filling Necessary?

Your child can have a dental filling if the cavity has not reached the teeth' roots. The filling is just meant to stop the cavity from growing and affecting the roots of the tooth. A dental filling may be the most effective way to save a cavity from progressing to the point of a root canal, which would involve removing the entire tooth. The best part is that your child can still eat food properly even with the filling in their tooth.

When is An Extraction Procedure Necessary?

Tooth extraction is required when the cavity has reached the tooth's root and cannot be prevented by a dental filling. In this case, an extraction or a root canal treatment can be performed. The root canal, which is an intricate procedure, involves drilling small holes in the tooth so that the dentist can insert small tubes to clean out the pulp inside the tooth. During the course of the treatment, the dentist will remove or cut off the damaged section of the tooth and then clean out the pulp for the tooth to function normally. If the tooth is damaged beyond a root canal procedure, the teeth will be removed and later on fixed with an implant and a crown. To know which procedure is suitable for your child, visit our dental clinic to understand what can be done to fix your child's tooth.
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