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Five ways to take care of your teeth

Posted on 3/21/2022 by SRD Muscle Shoals
Five ways to take care of your teethThe teeth are vital in different oral functions, for example, speaking, eating, and appearance. The mouth is the window to your general health. Taking good care of the teeth is vital to maintaining good dental and overall health. Bad oral practices damage the teeth causing complicated dental conditions, for example, cavities and periodontal diseases.

How to take care of teeth

Regularly brushing the teeth, tongue, and roof of the mouth is the foremost step in maintaining good oral health. Brushing should last at least two minutes. The brush should be positioned 45 degrees just above the gum line to ensure both are in contact with the bristles. Careful brushing ensures all harmful bacteria are removed, and there is no foul breath.

Flossing helps remove food remnants and other harmful substances that might remain after brushing. Flossing enables one to reach deep within the tooth and between where brush bristles or mouth wash would not reach. It is essential to floss once a day to prevent bacteria and plaque buildup between the mouth. This buildup could cause gum disease, tooth decay, and other severe dental conditions.

Avoiding certain lifestyle practices like smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol helps save the teeth from oral conditions. Tobacco smoking is known to cause oral cancers, foul breath, and periodontal diseases. Alcohol, in turn, causes erosion of the enamel and dryness, causing cavities and gingival diseases.

Following a healthy and nutrient-dense diet, including calcium and other vitamins, is essential in helping the body fight off bacterial infections. Coffees, teas, and sodas are known to discolor the teeth. On the other hand, Sugary foods allow for the thriving of harmful bacteria that produces acids that erode the teeth, leading to dental cavities. It is important to brush immediately after consuming sugary foods.

Lastly, the patient should ensure they use toothpaste with fluoride and drink plenty of water. Using fluoride and drinking water help strengthen the tooth enamel and helps wash down harmful bacteria that might lodge in the teeth. This helps improve the quality of teeth.
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