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How Sugar Affects Your Teeth

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
silver spoon holding a scoop of white sugarSugar plays a very significant role in tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when the acid in the mouth attacks the enamel and the dentine, causing holes and cavities to form. The acid is produced by the bacteria that build up on the surfaces of the tooth. The plaque build-up houses the acid-producing bacteria.

How Quickly Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

When you introduce sugar in the mouth, it interacts with the bacteria within the plaque, forming the acid. The acid is then responsible for corroding the tooth enamel, slowly creating holes. This process takes place within the first 20 seconds of consuming sugar. Within that 20 seconds, the bacteria combine with the sugar, forming the solution that damages your teeth. If left for a long time, tooth decay causes abscesses that may eventually result in extraction.

How Much Sugar Is Good for Your Teeth?

If you are eating a high amount of sugar, you are at a higher risk of having problems with your teeth. Therefore, the daily recommended amount of sugar should not exceed six teaspoons (25 grams) for women, while for men, the daily amount should not exceed nine teaspoons (37 grams).

Dietary Advice

To reduce cavities on your teeth, you should brush your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes twice a day. After brushing, you should also floss in between the tooth spaces to dislodge the excess plaque and bacteria that might be held in between the teeth. Moreover, reduce the amount of sugar-containing food and ensure that you rinse your mouth with water if you consume sugary foods.

Sheild Your Teeth With Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride-containing toothpaste can help shield your teeth against the threat brought by cavities and sugars. This active fluoride binds to your tooth enamel and provides a defensive layer against acid attacks. Fluoride also helps to draw new minerals into your teeth, leaving them stronger than before. You can find this kind of toothpaste at our offices. Our dentists will give you instructions on how to use it for the best results. Visit us today!

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