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Here Are 5 Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Baby Teeth

Posted on 6/19/2023 by SRD Muscle Shoals
 Here Are 5 Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Baby TeethIf you are a new or an upcoming parent, you must have questions regarding your child's teeth growth and development. It is only normal to have these questions, as you will be important in the optimal health of your child. At our practice, we educate new parents on what to expect when it comes to their kids' dental health. the following are the things that you should know regarding baby teeth.

Expect to see the first tooth between when your kid is 6 to 12 months old

The emergence of the first tooth for many babies occurs when they are 6 months, but it can happen even when they are one year old. Therefore, do not panic if after six months you do not see any tooth protruding.

You can use fluoride on baby teeth

For strong healthy teeth, you can apply a small amount of fluoride to your child's baby teeth. Our dentists recommend a pea size amount that will not be detrimental to delicate teeth.

Impacts adult dental health

The way your kid's baby teeth grow and develop will have a huge bearing on their dental health when they grow. It is therefore important to ensure the proper development of the baby's teeth.

Important for jaw development and speech

Baby teeth are important for jaw development and how your child speaks. Therefore, take the appropriate measures that will ensure proper growth of the teeth.

Start Dental visits early

You should bring your child to the clinic for a dental checkup as soon as the first tooth appears. This will enable our dentist to start monitoring the growth and development of your kid's teeth at an early age and ensure the prevention of common dental problems. Schedule an appointment with our experts who will advise on what you need to know about your kid's baby teeth.
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