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Cleaning and maintaining permanent retainer

Posted on 4/10/2023 by SRD Muscle Shoals
Cleaning and maintaining permanent retainerPermanent retainers are important after orthodontic treatment and patients require them for extra protection. For example, after getting your teeth straightened, retainers can be important in keeping your teeth in place and preventing them from falling back to their original position. However, when you have retainers, they can pose a challenge when it comes to cleaning your teeth and the retainers themselves. You need to undertake great care when it comes to dental hygiene, as you can develop tooth decay or cavities when you do not effectively clean your teeth.

Get Floss Threaders

When you have retainers, it can become problematic to floss normally. The wire from the retainers will inhibit correct and correct flossing. That is why floss threaders become important since you will be able to get the floss string in problematic areas. You will use floss threaders to insert the string in between your teeth. The process is not complex, and our dentists can show you how to do it properly at our clinic. They will also provide you with the right threaders.

A Water Flosser Can Help

You can also get a water flosser to use while at home. A water flosser runs a stream of water in between your teeth, therefore, removing food particles trapped in between your teeth.

Brush Twice Daily and Floss Everyday

Some people take it for granted to be able to brush and floss their teeth daily. It is so important to your overall oral health. It is important to continue with your dental hygiene routines to prevent common dental conditions from starting.

Regular Dental Visits

Visiting the dentist's clinic regularly is also important because you will receive regular dental cleanings for optimal oral health. Contact us for effective care and management if you have retainers. You can also call if you have any questions regarding oral health issues.
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