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Do Vegetarians Get More Cavities?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by SRD Muscle Shoals
Do Vegetarians Get More Cavities?Most people are disappointed when they hear they have a cavity. To avoid that news, many people are proactive against tooth decay. The best way to combat plaque in your mouth is to practice good oral hygiene. It is important to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day. It is also a good practice to floss every day. Avoiding things like alcohol and tobacco will also go a long way toward maintaining a healthy body and healthy teeth. Lastly, most of us know that avoiding sugars and starches will benefit our teeth. Will avoiding meat help your teeth as well?

Understanding a Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat. Some vegetarians do not eat other animal products as well. The protein in meat satiates our body. In addition, the protein contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Most vegetarians eat more fruits and vegetables and can make up for most vitamin and mineral deficiencies. However, it is difficult to get enough vitamin D without eating meat or supplementing. Vitamin D is vital to your oral health. Calcium is another vitamin that vegetarians have to make sure they include in their diet. Calcium is an important nutrient which helps to build the enamel on your teeth, which protects your teeth from cavities.

Another problem arises when vegetarians substitute sugars and starches for what would have been their portion of meat. Sugars and starches contribute to a higher risk of plaque, which can lead to tooth decay if it is not brushed away.

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