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How Long Should My Pain Last After A Tooth Extraction?

Posted on 1/23/2023 by SRD Muscle Shoals
How Long Should My Pain Last After A Tooth Extraction?Tooth extractions are among the most common surgical procedures in dental offices. There are many reasons why you may require an extraction. You can rely on our dental specialists for safe and successful treatment. Some of the reasons you may require extraction include a tooth extraction is necessary when the tooth has severe decay. The damage could mean alternative procedures like a root canal or dental fillings cannot fix the tooth.

Periodontitis, which is a gum disease at its advanced stage, may erode the gum tissue and jawbone. In such as case, periodontitis leaves the tooth without adequate support and may require an extraction. If your teeth are overcrowded, our dentist may recommend an extraction. Removing a tooth creates space for other teeth to grow.

Tooth Extractions Are Safe

A tooth extraction is a safe procedure that thousands of patients in America undergo annually. Many people have the misconception extraction is painful because it involves pulling out teeth. Nonetheless, modern advancements in dental anesthesia make tooth extraction virtually painless.

Like other procedures, tooth extraction can lead to complications. That is why our team recommends consulting a dental specialist. We will examine your teeth and evaluate your medical history before the surgery.

It is wise to inform the dentist if you have illnesses like diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Our specialists will review your medication to ensure side effects and complications. We will tailor the treatment plan according to your health and preferences.

How Long Pain After Tooth Extraction Lasts

You could experience some soreness after the surgery. The discomfort will subside after two or three days following the procedure. Our dentist can prescribe pain medication to address the pain.

You must avoid tampering with the clot over the tooth socket. If it breaks, it could lead to a dry socket. Our dental team can treat the wound to reduce the risk of complications. Contact our dentist today to schedule a consultation.

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