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Is Fruit Juice Harmful to My Child

Posted on 12/5/2022 by SRD Muscle Shoals
Is Fruit Juice Harmful to My ChildWe all love fruit juices. At every party or event, fruit juices are a common phenomenon. Parents love serving their kids with fruit juices as a snack or keeping them busy and distracting their minds from crying. However, there has been concern about the content of fruit juices, and the detrimental effects fruit juices have on young children, especially at their tender age. Dietitians advise against giving children below their first birthday fruit juices due to the sugar content available in the juices and the cavity-causing effects it has.

Older kids can have one cup of fruit juices but under-regulated policy. Juices contain acidic and sugary content, which, when exposed to growing teeth, result in oral health-related complications such as tooth decay and discoloration. Furthermore, the behavior many have developed of taking fruit juices before going to bed is highly discouraged as this provides bacteria with fertile ground for causing tooth cavities. Remember, bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar content, producing acids as by-products which, when accumulated in the mouth, eat up teeth enamels. The net result is crooked teeth as well as pronounced tooth cavities.

Fruit juice intake, especially for young children, tends to increase calories in their bodies. Unlike fruit flesh, fruit juices fail to contain fibers that are essential to normal body functionality. Therefore, a huge amount of calorie intake leads to high chances of obesity among young children.

Offering Care

At our medical centers, we recommend regulated fruit juice intake by the growing kids as this helps them avoid health-related issues at their tender age. Our dentists advise teaching children to rely on milk or water for hydration and nourishment. Furthermore, serving whole fruits and vegetables during main dishes ensures your children get quality vitamins and minerals as needed by the body. This protects children from contracting heart diseases and cancerous infections.

We Got You

At our offices, we foster children's health as it shapes one's life right from the beginning. Please book a consultation with us for more information about the implications of children's fruit juice intake.
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