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What Should We Avoid While Having Braces

Posted on 10/10/2022 by SRD Muscle Shoals
What Should We Avoid While Having BracesWhen you get braces, it can be hard to maneuver around them to maintain your oral health. Do not get frustrated, though, because you need to properly care for your braces and teeth during the entire treatment. Consider the following when you have braces.

Foods to Avoid During Braces Period

You have to make appropriate food choices, especially in the early days of getting braces due to sensitivity and soreness. Foods that are too hot or too cold, like ice cream, are advised to quit for a while before adjusting to your braces. Also, tough food, like big chunks of meat or bread, should be held off until you are used to your braces.

Some foods can also damage your braces, so it is advisable to lay off sticky and chewy foods like popcorn, chewing gum, licorice, and nuts. Lastly, it is crucial to lay off foods that you have to completely bite into, like carrots, apples, and candy, since they can damage the bands and brackets of your braces.

Biting into Inedible Objects

There is a risk of not only ruining your braces through some foodstuff but also through hard objects like your pencil, the rid of your pen, or your nails. These are unavoidable nervous habits that can be hard to wear off, but during your braces period, it is important to be conscious of them and stop them so that your braces remain in good condition.

Missing Dental Appointments

One important routine in your treatment journey is regularly visiting your dentist for regular check-ups. As your teeth start aligning from the pressure of your braces, the wires and brackets must be readjusted. It also gives your orthodontist a chance to clean your teeth and check for gum disease or tooth decay.
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